Emerge Laser

What is Emerge Laser?

Emerge laser is a skin resurfacing treatment, that is a proven approach to skin rejuvenation. It uses micro-laser beams to create areas of treated tissue surrounded by untreated tissue. The Emerge fractional laser achieves excellent non-ablative skin resurfacing results with little to no downtime, and does not require a topical anaesthetic.

What Can Emerge do for you?

Emerge can improve the appearance of skin tone, texture, acne scars, pore size reduction, stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles.

My Experience with Emerge.

I tried Emerge back in early 2015, and let me tell you I was worried, why? this was my first laser treatment on my face, and I had also red some bad experiences on the internet, but the ladies at New Skin Laser, were both very professional and trained by Palomar. They started by cleansing my skin ensuring all my makeup was removed, I then wore safety googles to ensure my eyes were protected. They drew circles around the moles and birthmarks that I wanted them to avoid, as the the laser can remove pigmentation, and I wanted to keep them as they are. My face was divided up into 4 quarters and draw on with white eyeliner, this is to ensure all the face is evenly treated. Once they began, it was a very mild sensation, you could feel the laser but it wasn't painful at all, I could feel my face getting hot from the laser, like a sunburn sensation, so they applied ice to those areas. Below is an image of myself straight after the treatment walking to my car, so you can see some facial redness but not like a lobster, my face is shiny due to a soothing gel that has been applied to make the heat coming off my face bearable, and the next picture is 2 days later. So overall I'm a fan of this treatment, it felt like a little sunburn on my face for the first day, and then my skin got a little tight and dry but after a week my new skin, was starting to come through and I was looking radiant and my skin was clear.

After Emerge