What is IPL?

*Intense pulsed light (IPL) is a technology used by cosmetic and medical practitioners around the world to perform various skin treatments for aesthetic and therapeutic purposes, including hair removal, skin pigmentation, sun damage, thread veins and can even alleviate acne symptoms. The technology uses high powered, hand held, computer controlled flashgun to deliver and intense, visible, broad-spectrum pulse of light, generally in the visible spectral range of 400 to 1200nm. Various cutoff filters are commonly used to selectively filter love wavelengths, especially potentially damaging ultra violet light. The light has a spectral range that targets specific structures, like melanin in hair, oxyhemoglobin in blood vessels that are heated to destruction and reabsorbed into the body.

What can IPL do for you?

IPL, as mentioned can treat numerous skin conditions and skin concerns, i.e remove red spots, diffuse redness and can help with acne and rosacea. It can even help to smooth uneven skin texture, tighten larger pores and eliminate wrinkles by stimulating collagen growth.

My experience with IPL.

On July 10, 2016, I was welcomed to Skin Clinic Blyss by Jodie the Owner and Dermal Clinician. I had previously discussed with her my concerns for my skin. These issues included redness and mild rosacea on my cheeks. 

After our discussion I decided that this treatment would be a worthwhile endeavour. (See below for pre-treatment photo).

The IPL treatment I received involved Jodie applying a gel over my face (cheeks, nose and chin). She explained that this would help the light to bond with my skin. 

The system passed over each target area of my face twice, on the same intensity.  This was quite painful as numbing cream could not be applied prior. I would compare the pain to a sharp flicking sensation. It was explained to me that numbing creams make visible veins restrict in size. It was important that the veins were visible in order to treat targeted areas. 

To finish, a cooling gel was applied to treated areas to soothe my skin, which was feeling quite hot at this time. 

Afterwards my face was red for around two hours. Once the red had faded my face looked refreshed and healthy. (See below for post-treatment photo)

Jodie and I have discussed that I will require three IPL sessions to see positive changes to my skin.

It has been five days since receiving this treatment and I intend on further documenting the impact this procedure has had on my skin care journey.  I will keep you all posted!

Thank you Jodie!

Before IPL

Before IPL

After IPL

After IPL


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