What are Fillers?

Fillers are an injectable used to fill a wrinkle, line, or a crease. They can even used to fill areas that have lost volume, like thin lips, sagging cheeks, temples and the tear trough. Fillers will also be used to even out symmetry or make corrections. For example, I had fillers in the bridge of my nose to make the bump look less obvious. There are many different types of fillers, and different fillers are used for different areas. Some fillers have a thicker consistency which work well for the bridge of the nose, where as a thinner consistency works well for a more natural fuller lip.

My Experience with Fillers.

After lots of research on the internet and watching numerous Youtube videos, I decided to get fillers in my nose, this is called a non-surgical rhinoplasty. My treatment was preformed at Sydney Cosmetic Surgery by Dr Wayne Young. After filling out all the necessary paperwork and reading upon the risks associated and the aftercare, I was greeted by Dr Young, who further asked me a few medical questions and what I'd like my end result to be. Dr Young could see that the bridge of my nose was quite prominent, and that I had two spaces that could get filled to even out the bump. He assured me that this is a common treatment, that can get fixed quite easily. Numbing cream was a applied to the areas where injections would be made, and we continued to chat. I had numerous injections over the next few minutes, to the areas that needed extra volume to create a straighter more symmetrical nose. Even though I had numbing cream I hardly felt the needles going into my nose, I didn't even flinch. The whole treatment took around 30 minutes, with the injections taking about 5 minutes. Below is an image of my before and after, The image on the left is my after, and that was taken as soon as I got into my car after the treatment to drive home. You can't even tell I had injections, my nose was a little red from the number cream, but the injection sites weren't visible. To prove the point that no one noticed any swelling or injections sites, my partner that I live with who didn't know I was getting this done, did not notice a thing when he got home.

Over the next few days I had a little tenderness when I touched the injection points but thats it. Overall I am beyond ecstatic with my new nose. I've had so many compliments about my nose since then, that I couldn't think of going back to my old nose. I highly recommend Dr Wayne Young and his team at Sydney Cosmetic Surgery, they are professional, educated and extremely helpful with all the questions I had and with dealing with my nerves. At the time of getting this treatment it cost me $650 due to a monthly special.

After & Before

After & Before


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* This procedure was paid for by me and was not sponsored. This is my story to post as a educational tool to help others.