Skincare Book Reviews


Skincare books I'm loving, loathing and need to get.

1. Neal's Yard Remedies - Beauty Book RRP$23.75 "This book is basically a recipe book, which is great if thats something your looking into doing, or if you have the time and money to experiment. The recipes generally have 8 ingredients or more, which would become expensive when your trialling the recipes, and you also cant guarantee you will like what you make. There is some really interesting information on how the skin works and the best way to use any skincare products. The book is 256 pages and a hard cover, so for the price I think its worth it. Its also a pretty interesting read if your looking into making skincare / haircare products".

2. Sali Hughes - Pretty Honest RRP$33.50 "I'm a massive fan of Sali Hughes, so when I heard she was releasing a book I was straight on the net ready to buy this book, I also missed her release when she was in Sydney :( . It's a beautiful hardcover book with 330 pages, very well written and and full of useful advice and tips. My only con on this book is that it is a little content heavy, I would have liked more photos, but that is only my preference ".

3. Ruth Winter M.S - A Consumer's Dictionary of Cosmetic Ingredients RRP$27.50 "A handy reference to have on hand to check what ingredients are in your skincare and haircare, 567 pages definitely not a sit down and read book, outlined the same as a dictionary, very in depth. I do believe mine is an older edition now and there is a newer one out there, with updated ingredients and findings."  

4. Zoe Foster - Amazing Face RRP$33.50 "This is an excellent book that provides great beauty tips and easy tutorials. I love the way Zoe has written this book, her funny sense of humour comes out as you read this book. Some of the things I like in this book are the recommended skincare routines, colours that suit your eye colour and where to apply highlighter properly. I highly recommend this book to give as a gift."

5. Paula Begoun - Don't Go To The Cosmetic Counter Without Me RRP$25 "So this book is huge! I don't believe the cover when it says "don't go to the counter without me" because i won't be carrying this 1362 paged book in my handbag, but I definitely would use this as a reference tool before I go and buy cosmetics/skincare. Although I don't agree with everything Paula has written, I do like to hear her thoughts on products and brands. For the price is recon its worth the gamble." 

6. Mark Lees - The Skin Care Answer Book RRP$60.90 "This book is pretty pricey, but it answers all the basic questions you may have on skincare like: Does picking acne make it worse?, Is there any treatment to speed up the fading of redness?, I have bad bags under my eyes. what can help these?, What does broad-spectrum mean? These are all questions we need answers for, I think this is a great book to off start with, to help educate you on understanding you skin, and all skin concerns i.e redness, sensitivity, dry skin, oily skin, acne prone skin".

7. Marie Claire - Face & Body RRP$36.75 "A book with great detail and lots of pictures, with chapter titles like: under my skin, at the core of my body, my beauty routines, anti-ageing, wellbeing and me first, so the book isn't mainly focused on your face but your whole body, wellbeing and a small page on future moms. So if your a skincare enthusiast this isn't the book for you, but if your looking for ways to improve yourself overall then this is a good read, with a lot of content".


Books I'd like to add to my collection

1. Mark Lees - Skin Care Beyond the Basics RRP$117.75

2. Milady Aesthetician Series - Peels and Chemical Exfoliation RRP$92.50 

3. Narendra Mehta - The Face Lift Massage RRP$28.90 

5. Paula Begoun - The Original Beauty Bible RRP$27.25

5. Milday - Skin Care and Cosmetic Ingredients Dictionary RRP$44.95


Feel free to click on the images of the book covers to take you straight to amazon where you can check out the prices on the books, also if you have any of these books, that i'd like to add to my collection, I'd love to here your thoughts on them. 


*All prices are from the Booktopia and Book Depository website, all the prices are displayed in Australian Dollars.
*Prices correct at the time of publishing.