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Blend and Boost

What is Blend and Boost and why is it a revolutionized skincare solution?

Blend and Boost has redefined skin care through customisation to cater to your skin’s needs by providing a genuine alternative to mass-produced and conventional skincare. The best way to achieve optimal skin care is by understanding your skin’s exclusive requirements. Blend and Boost believes that each person has their own story to tell through their skin which is why skincare resolutions must be suited to their personal needs. 

What it entails

Blend and Boost uses active cosmetic ingredients that are scientifically tested to provide custom-built solutions for each person’s skin concerns.

How do they do this?

-    An in-depth analysis of your skin is conducted using modern imaging technology software and hardware.

-    An ideal blend of advanced cream boosters and active cosmetic boosters is selected

-    A custom-made skincare product with your individual Blend and Boost code is prepared. The formula is then reviewed and modified with time as your skin also changes due to factors like lifestyle, environment, or season. 

The patent-pending Blend and Boost concept enables you to obtain a custom-made product. This personalized cream is developed by mixing their active cosmetic boosters into a dermatologist-approved cream formula depending on your skin requirements. You are assured of authentic personalization with Blend and Boost as they provide all combinations possible. 

Benefits of the cosmetic boosters used

-    Patented technologies offer exclusive and unique ingredients to aid individual skin concerns i.e. acetyl octapeptide-3, Beta-glucans, and hyaluronic liposomes. Blend and Boost have discovered patented technologies that have been created specifically to boost the delivery of these active cosmetic boosters within the skin. The progressive delivery systems enable you to get the most out of the benefits of the Blend and Boost solution. 

-    Antioxidants like vitamin E, vitamin C, Co-enzyme Q10, and Acai extract delay the skin’s aging process and protect the skin. There is sufficient research material showcasing the importance of antioxidants in anti-aging elements of any skin care product. Antioxidants hold a crucial role in combating premature aging and they have been proven to enhance the radiance of the skin. They also reduce the appearance of fine lines, discolorations, and age spots. 

-    Extremely studied, pure peptide molecules improve the skin’s firmness, reduce wrinkles, and act on skin sensitivity through potent activity. Peptides are made of short-chain proteins comprised of amino acids acting as the primary signals by enhancing cell-to-cell communication. Peptides aid the skin’s repair mechanisms, they decrease any signs of aging, and are good for sensitive skin.

-    They use natural vegetal ingredients extracted from renewable sources i.e. aloe vera, blackcurrant oil, and mango butter. Conventional uses of various plants have been supported by scientific research for their benefits in skin care. Blend and Boost has ventured into this extensive biodiversity to hand-select natural, safe, and pure ingredients possessing tested beauty benefits to revitalise and hydrate the skin. 

-    Individual boosters are personally selected from newest dermatological innovations. The combinations work in coordination with potent science-backed ingredients, and advanced delivery systems to target particular skin concerns.

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