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My Review using Elucent Skincare for a Month


Top Elucent Skincare Products To Use For Visibly Glowing Skin

We all want that beaming, youthful skin. Good news is, whether you are turning 18 or you are over 50 - you can still get that radiant skin. With Elucent range of skin care products- that caters to all age groups- you can achieve that in a matter of days. 

The cut-throat formula that sets Elucent range of products apart is AHAs -  with glycolic acid and lactic acid, as the key ingredients. The two have been scientifically proven to drastically improve and hasten the skin’s natural ability to exfoliate and rejuvenate. Result is a younger looking, firm and glowing skin. 

Other ingredients are: Vitamins E and C - excellent antioxidants - that promote skin elasticity, improves the appearance of aged skin, visibly reduces skin pigmentation, and brightens the skin and Vitamin B3 which improves skin texture and tone.

Here are some of my top Elucent products I recommend to help you achieve that younger looking, firmer, radiating skin in no time. 

Elucent Mild Anti-Ageing Cleanser $29.99

This mild cleanser gently exfoliates and visibly revitalises skin without leaving you dry. To appreciate its full benefits, add Elucent Anti-Ageing Day Moisturiser to your beauty regime. Within days you will observe a visibly improved skin texture, and a natural glow. 

It may sting temporarily if your skin is not accustomed to AHAs. However, because of their mild formulation, it is your best bet for starters if you are testing your skin’s sensitivity. 

If no adverse effects are noted you can upgrade to the  Anti-Ageing Day Moisturiser  with a higher SPF of 50+. Your skin will thank you!  

Elucent Anti-Ageing Night Moisturiser $49.99

This gentle Moisturiser  regenerates and replenishes skin moisture as you sleep. It visibly reduces the signs of ageing, improves the skin firmness and tone. For full benefits combine it with the fragrance–free Elucent Anti-Ageing Eye Cream to improve the skin contours and dark circles surrounding the eyes and smooth fine lines.  

You will feel a tingling sensation on application because of the AHAs. A little goes along way with this product.  Avoid using on irritated skin.

Elucent Anti-Ageing Serum $49.99

This intensive anti-ageing Serum is the ultimate skin boost. Within weeks of using, it visibly reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on your skin.   Despite having the highest level of AHAs at 16 percent-  it gently exfoliates, smoothes out fine lines and wrinkles to reveal an improved skin tone and texture. 

Avoid using on irritated skin and sensitive areas like around the eyes and lips. Reported adverse effects include burnt skin, especially near the eyes and blistering. 

I used these products in conjunction with the Elucent Anti-Ageing Day Moisturiser for the last 3 weeks. I had never tried these products before and was surprised at the high grade of ingredients they contained and their price point.  I recommend this brand if you are looking for a skincare brand that is affordable,  and will help improve your skin concerns if you have pigmentation, dullness, fine lines or signs of ageing and clarity to the skin. 

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