Save Our Skin by Innoxa.

NoTox Eye Patches Review.


Notox is a product created by the brand SOS (Save Our Skin) which is a side venture for Innoxa. They have a product out called NoTox, which are self adhesive under-eye patches, that penetrate the under eye area with micro needle* like bumps to deliver hyaluronic acid to that area where patches are placed.

* not actually needles, they are made from a hard plastic (Polyvinyl).


"Innovative under-eye patch which smooths expression lines without needles by permeating the protective layer of your skin to deliver active ingredients including hyaluronic acid safely, effectively and painlessly. Hyaluronic acid and line-defying peptides work while you sleep, delivering visible improvements after just one us"


Anyone who doesn't want to put a needle into their face for smooth skin, particularly those with visible lines. Also for those who have a minimum of 2 hours, to leave these patches on. 


NoTox is for the under-eye area only, but with lots of reviews about there products, I'd suggest it would be a smart idea for them to jump into developing patches for other areas of the face.


I was given a sample patch at an event, so I didn't get the chance to try more than once, which I would have liked to have done to see different results, as I left my patches on for a little over 2 hours, which the packaging says to leave for a minimum of 2 hours or wear overnight. So if I get the chance to try these again I'd love to try them overnight. 

So I cleaned my face and dried the area where the patches were going to be applied. Easy to open and to peel off. Upon immediate application it is a weird sensation, the firmer you press the deeper the polyvinyl (needle like material) penetrates. I did not find this painful or uncomfortable, just different. I was able to carry on my usually duties around the house, even with guests they look barely visible. 

The time came to remove the patches and this is the bit that make 1 eye water. My right eye was fine, just felt like a very sticky bandaid stuck to my face, again didnt hurt, until my left eye. The patch under my left eye was stuck there, and didnt want to leave, obviously I had to remove the patch and I did very slowly and my eye was watering and this one hurt. The only thing painful, is that the adhesive is so sticky, for such a delicate area. 


On the day of the treatment there was definite tightening of the under-eye area, although I had to squint in the mirror to determine this, which is probably counterproductive. Because I don't have visible lines under the eye – they only come up when I smile but not when my face is relaxed – I am perhaps not the best candidate for this product. Looking at the company's before and after examples, Ionotox mostly helps people who have lines under the eye when their face is relaxed. Ideally I would have been looking for a Botox-like effect to smooth smile lines, but, as mentioned in the intro, that would have to be magic. My smile lines are still there when I smile. My skin is smoother and tighter on the day of the treatment but this is lost in the following days.


$99.99 for a pack, which includes 4 pairs of patches (8 individual).


Again, I only tried 1 pair of patches, so I love to try them again, to wear overnight to see if I have different results. If I broke it down into treatments it would cost $25 per patch, to me that seems quite expensive. The eye area after removal was quite hydrated and refreshed, except for the area where the adhesive was as that was a little red, but soon diminished. I wouldn't say they are a miracle product, but if you are looking for a pick me up before an event and you dont have time or are afraid of actually getting botox, than I'd give them a go if they are in your budget. Do keep your eyes peeled though as they are sold in priceline, and priceline has 40% off these products occasionally.


During Application of NoTox 

During Application of NoTox