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Priceline Products Worth Buying

There are a few things I don't like in life. One of them is wasting my money, especially when you grow up and you realise you need every cent to go towards bills and mortgages. So when I'm looking at purchasing some new products, I go to online reviews and ask my friends for their opinions on products I'm interested in, to see if they are worth spending my money on. The things I ask myself  when looking to purchase new products are: affordability, does it perform, is it just a trend of the moment, will I use this more than once, and can I get it on sale. Continue reading to see the products I love from the Priceline store.  

Real Techniques

Real Techniques 2-pack Miracle Complexion Sponges RRP$26.99

I've tried many different sponges and this is an exact dupe for the Beauty Blender! But of course more affordable. I use my Real Techniques sponge every day, and I even have backups. It is a must buy! Great for those looking to create a flawless makeup look.

Eco Tools

EcoTools Brushes

I love EcoTools brushes, not just this the one pictured, but I love their whole range. They are incredibly soft and extremely well made. I have had mine for many years now and I haven't seen any shed any bristle. Their products are 100% vegan and their packaging and dyes used are earth- conscious 

Skin Republic

Skin Republic Collagen Eye Patches 3-pack RRP$9.99 

I thoroughly enjoyed using these patches, they made my under eye area look awake, refreshed and hydrated. For that price you cant go wrong! I can't wait to try more expensive versions available to see how they compare.

Models Prefer

Models Prefer Professional Style Curler RRP$19.99

OMG, now this device is amazing, not to forget how great the price is. I don't think you could find one cheaper anywhere else. I use this curler every time I curl my hair. It gives me tight curls which I then brush out, to have beachy waves for that effortless look. 

Model Co.jpg

Hailey Baldwin for ModelCo Glow RRP$49

This product is one of the more expensive products on my 5 star review. Though it is definitely worth the mention. This multitasking balm is suitable for everyone, simply apply before foundation to give your skin that glow. The light reflecting particles give your skin that blurred effect whilst giving your skin hydration throughout the day. I actually bought this product without reading any reviews. My skin was looking dry due to the weather and I thought I'd take a gamble. I'm so happy I did because I'm so in love with this product. 

Avene Thermal Water

Avène Thermal Spring Water RRP $19.99 150g

I have rosacea, dehydrated and sensitive skin, yes it's a lot. But this product is much more than water in a can. This product soothes my skin and calms my rosacea. I use this as a toner after cleansing, After using this  for more than a few days you will notice your skin is a lot calmer. This not only helped my skin, but it's extremely cooling on those really hot days!

Bondi Sands

Bondi Sands


Self Tanning Foam Ultradark RRP$24.99 200ML

I absolutely love this brand, and all their tanning products. I have tried many other tanning brands in my life but I always resort back to Bondi Sands. The colour is natural, the price is incredible for the size of the bottle and you can see the application once applied. Plus I got to meet the two creators of Bondi Sands and they were extremely genuine and passionate about their products. 

There are plenty more great products and brands sold at Priceline like NYX, Rimmel, Nude by Nature, Ego and my list could go on forever, but the ones listed above are just some of the products that stand out above the rest. 

*Disclaimer: All opinions are based on personal experiences. Skincareblogger is not a skincare specialist and will not be held liable for any recommendations. Therefore try at your own risk. This product was sent for a trial, and does not impact my personal views. This is NOT a paid post. 
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Pur Cosmetics


My Review on the Brand used by many YouTube Stars.

PÜR Cosmetics, also know as The Complexion Authority is a brand globally known for it's mineral makeup. It's a brand that also attracts big named Youtubers like @mac_daddyy and @jadeywadey180 (see imagery below for recent collaboration). PÜR Cosmetics recently made it's way down under in September 2016, and has quickly become a household name.

Now available is selected Myer Stores.


PÜR has gathered a fan base around the world for its natural-looking mineral makeup, that is suitable for all skin types. Their 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Powder Foundation gives you the flawless mineral coverage with groundbreaking skincare ingredients built into their award-winning formula. This all-in-one foundation, concealer, powder and SPF 15 has been clinically proven to correct, prevent and interrupt your biggest skin concerns – even after the makeup comes off! 


PÜR Cosmetics Eye Polish

There is 6 eye polishes in the total collection, all beautiful liquid pigments that have a built in primer. They dry nicely, and you're left with a gorgeous color. I have even used the darker colors as eye liner. These are an easy go to eye product, that can be applied using the silicon applicator that each pot comes with or it can be applied with your finger or a brush. Since wearing the PÜR eye polishes, I have had numerous compliments on the shades I have on my eyelids. My only con is the price, at $35AUD each it's quite costly to get the entire set but they are worth it if you have the spare cash. I hope to see more colours released as they quite innovative and handy for those not great at makeup application. 


PÜR Cosmetics Correcting Primers

Hydrate & Balance

In the summer season my skin lacks hydration, so I look to this product, to give life back to my skin. This product is perfect for those with dry/ lacklustre skin. This primer didn't make me oilier than I would normally get mid day, but it definitely makes my skin look alive.

Illuminate & Glow

It has a really beautiful luminous glow that just brightens up your face without making it look shiny or shimmery. Plus, it has all the benefits of the other PÜR primers. It's super easy to apply and my foundation goes on so smoothly.

Prep & Perfect

It goes on smooth and absorbs well, creating a perfect surface for the rest of my cosmetics routine. A little goes a very long way, it is light and doesn't feel at all greasy on the skin- in fact, you can barely feel it except for the smoothness. 

Redness Reducer

As someone who has alot of facial redness, this is the primer I wanted to try the most, and it does exactly what it says "redness reducer". I found as soon as I applied this product, the areas were instantly camouflaged with a light green shade that completely eliminates the red tones on my face. As well as eliminating redness it also smoothes out my skin ready for the next step in my routine.

PÜR Cosmetics is available in Australia at selected Myer Stores, Click Here for direct link. For other Countries Click Here

*Disclaimer: All opinions are based on personal experiences. Skincareblogger is not a skincare specialist and will not be held liable for any recommendations. Therefore try at your own risk. This product was sent for a trial, and does not impact my personal views. This is NOT a paid post.
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