The story behind picture

Hi, my name is Sian Maggs or some of you may know me as "skincareblogger". I started my Instagram in September 2014, my plan wasn't to take it too seriously. I used my page, to show people skincare products that I love, and tell them things that worked for me. At the start it was purely a hobby until now, a year later with 12k followers , I've decided to re-launch my website and really strive to create a fully functional website that can help promote my brand , as we'll help educate others with guest interviews, reviews, trials, new product releases etc .

 When I was younger I had problematic skin, I still remember having my first facial at 15, and they used Dermalogica products. They gave me a travel pack to take home and I had to stick the regime they insisted, which was great, my skin did clear up a bit, but I still had pimples mainly due to hormones. Over the next few years my skin started getting clearer, which I mainly contribute this to starting the pill, I was singing hallelujah. All teens want pimple free skin, and I can definitely relate to some teens, who are ashamed or embarrassed to go out in public, or even worry about what other people will think.

Anyway my skin was great from around 17- 24 years old... After that my skin went horrible, I had small whiteheads all over my face, and it was completely embarrassing. When you become an adult you believe those pimple days are over, not for me. So thats when I began my Instagram account, and after 6 months of Instagram I started my first website ( and when my audience grew I decided to re-launch my website to what it is today.

 Thank you,

  Sian Maggs